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Nemesi Wired Motor with Electronic Limit Switches

100% Aluminum Components

Certifications: CE – VDE – NF – CMIM

Connected via wire to the up/down switch, which is later used to set the motor’s limit switches.

This motor does not have a Manual Override

Nemesi 50S 6Nm45mm6Nm17Rpm106W400mm
Nemesi 50S 10Nm45mm10Nm17Rpm120W593mm
Nemesi 50S 15Nm45mm15Nm17Rpm150W628mm
Nemesi 50S 20Nm45mm20Nm17Rpm190W628mm
Nemesi 50S 30Nm45mm30Nm17Rpm240W658mm
Nemesi 50S 40Nm45mm40Nm17Rpm240W658mm