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Merope S Wired Motor

100% Aluminum Components

Certifications: CE – VDE – NF – CMIM

Merope S wired motor, needs to be wired to a up/down switch to operate.

This motor does not have manual override.

Merope 40S 3Nm35mm3Nm30Rpm90W482mm
Merope 40S 9Nm35mm9Nm16Rpm110W482mm
Merope 50S 15Nm45mm15Nm17Rpm150W523mm
Merope 50S 20Nm45mm20Nm17Rpm190W573mm
Merope 50S 30Nm45mm30Nm17Rpm240W573mm
Merope 50S 40Nm45mm40Nm17Rpm240W573mm
Merope 50S 50Nm45mm50Nm12Rpm240W573mm
Merope 60S 80Nm59mm80Nm12Rpm290W695mm
Merope 60S 100Nm59mm100Nm12Rpm350W695mm
Merope 60S 120Nm59mm120Nm12Rpm400W695mm